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My name is Lucy I’m a average 30 year old from the suburbs of Melbourne. As a child I was always basically in hospital with medical conditions such as Hydroceplous and juvenile Arthitis this then lead to a lazy eye. This of course was a big impact on my childhood being teased all through primary school then again through high school.

Back in those days everyone though you could catch Arthitis or something so nobody would wanna be near ,e or be my friend. I grew up being Lonley and depressed since a child nobody really understood my true feelings or what I was going through. I left high school I’m year 10 simply because I did not want to do it anymore I had no dreams no future job I wanted.

Skipping a few years I became addicted to Coca Cola the deadly drink I guess you call it. I was drinking roughly about 2ltrs a day and I never drank anything else in one night I managed to have 6 cans and that’s when it started with chronic stomach pains so bad it would cause me to sweat and everything else. I developed cysts inside my stomach witch where causing the pain I then quit cold turkey I woke up one day and just stopped drinking Coke all together. I drank water from then on and nothing else and I stopped eating take away . I lost over 10kg just doing that simple thing.i then fell pregnant in 2005 with my first child and lucky enough the weight dropped the moment I gave birth so it’s like I litreally dident have any weight on me. So I dident have to work out or anything to lose baby weight. In 2007 I feel pregnant again with my 2nd child this time it was differnt the weight packed on and I developed my Coca Cola addiction again I thought the weight would come off like the first but it dident. At this this point I wasn’t really looking into losing weight or anything I just let myself go for a few years as the years went on I did gain about 15kgs or so after a 7 year relationship my partner left me and that triggered me to want to lose weight and get into fitness. I stuck pictures on my wall followed Facebook and Instagram posts for motivation and joined all the fitness pages. I started walking around my local streets and using the local gym at the park.just from doing this my weight was dropping and I was becoming more active more healthy and became a normal habit for me, I got down to my ideal weight and pre baby weight until one day I was walking and delve loped a rapi heart rate to the point I had to stop walking. I had no idea what was going on as usually it would stop because Iv had anxiety my entire life but this felt differnt I had to call a ambulance and was in hospital for a week being diagnosed with tachycardia not sure how it even happened as Iv never had heart issues before they then said it was my thyroid that had a infection nothing they could do about it. I had to deal with a rapi heart beat Everytime I got up out of bed for no reason after this I fell pregnant with my 3rd child and the weight came on my muscles played up tachy. Aria player up etc I had my child at 37 weeks but healthy and strong. It’s now 2015 I’m back to square one after a year of having my 3rd child I continue to lose weight get into fitness I also enrolled into a course cert 3-4 in fitness to help train myself and be able to help others. I one day hope to be a success story and you will follow ,e along the way.

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