DIY Strawberry-Lime Sugar Scrub

Are you one of those people who likes skin care that smells like dessert? Most of those products are chalk-full of artificial fragrances and chemicals that trick your nose into thinking that it is the real thing, when it really isn’t. This Strawberry-Lime Sugar Scrub smells like fresh strawberry jam and is even easier to make.


1 cup freeze-dried strawberries

1 cup raw turbinado sugar

⅓ cup organic virgin coconut oil

⅓ cup doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil

1 tablespoon vanilla extract

3 drops Lime oil


1 In a large plastic bag, add strawberries and crush with a rolling pin.

2 Add crushed strawberries and sugar into large bowl.

3 In a microwavable glass cup, add the organic virgin coconut oil and place in microwave for 15 seconds or until melted.

4 In the glass cup with melted virgin coconut oil, add Fractionated Coconut Oil, vanilla extract, and Lime essential oil. Stir until combined and add to bowl with strawberries and sugar.

5 Stir until everything is combined. If mixture looks too dry, add 1 teaspoon of Fractionated Coconut Oil at a time until consistency is right.

6 Store in airtight container.

7 To us, take a handful of scrub into hands and rub together until sugar dissolves. Rinse under warm water and pat dry. For added softness, rub hands with doTERRA SPA Hand & Body Lotion.

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