DIY Perfume with Essential Oils

Scents carry with them a wave of memories and associations. Maybe a classic department store perfume reminds you of your grandmother or the squeaky clean scent of bar soap reminds you of your mother. Our essential oil perfume opens up options for personal scents you’ll be remembered for, without scary ingredients. Plus, this DIY perfume is easy enough to make, tweak, and remake for years to come.

First, let’s dive into a couple essentials that you should know, like the “notes” of the essential oil blends that make up your perfume. Typically, you’ll smell the quick-evaporating top notes first, followed a moment later by the middle notes—the heart of the perfume. Finally, you’ll catch the base notes, which complement the top and middle notes.

When selecting botanicals for your perfume, start with the base note, soften with a middle note, and finish with a top note that makes a positive first impression.

Base note essential oils:

Middle note essential oils:

Top note essential oils:


Empty 5-ml essential oil bottle

V-6™ Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex

AromaGlide Roller Fitment

Top note essential oil

Middle note essential oil

Bottom note essential oil

Custom labels

Transparent tape

Click to view custom labels


Combine 10–15 drops each of your selected oils in the empty bottle until your essential oil blend is balanced.

Once you’re happy with the blend, fill the rest of the bottle with V-6.

Put the roller fitment and cap on.

Print custom labels.

Wrap label around the bottle and apply transparent tape.

Roll on to your neck, wrists, or anywhere you apply perfume.

Which combinations are you excited to try? What would you name your blend? Share your


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