My Brain surgery story

You might have seen my title and thought omg that’s the first thing people usually say to me. I don’t have cancer I don’t have a tumour unfortunately for me brain surgery is common because I have something called hydrocephalus which means water on the brain. You might remember seeing those baby with big heads and people would call them aliens? No they just have a water on the brain to stop this people like us need a thing called a shunt that goes into the head down the neck and into the tummy.

I had my first brain subheading I was just 4 weeks old I was not born with hydro but developed outside of the womb a PV shunt was inserted and since then I have no need for a replacement the only thing that affected m Ewan’s my eye sight and learning etc. I live a absolutely normal life like everyone else only certain things are a little harder for me.

I thought nothing of my shunt as I grew older I actually started to think I no longer needed one because I was fine and nothing had ever actually happened to me with it. I’m now over 30 and just out of no where in the 27th of January 2018 I got this massive migraine when I say migraine I mean my head is throbbing so bad that even if I move just a bit I’m going to vomit and that I clean heart the throbbing right out of my ears. I was on 3 different heavy pain meds of the 3 days and nothing worked not even endone…

I knew something was not right and I could hardly talk because I kept falling asleep that’s all I literally did no matter what I could not stay awake. I was rushed to the hospital they did scans to see what’s going on turns out my haunt had completely shattered and was no longer working not only that but I was actively dying I had a heart rate of under 20bpm and they where pumping morphinene into me like crazy with no relief

The only was to stop it was to get emergency brain surgery I had absolutely no choice it was get brain surgery or die at that point I didn’t care because I was in that much pain I felt dead anyway. My partner had to sign a waiver saying I could die or be brain damaged amongst other things. I didn’t expect to come out alive I woke up confused dazed but I survived I could t believe it. Looking at the scans my head had completely filled itself with fluid they said that if I had left it one more day without going to the hospital I would of died as I was already dying when I got there it was so scary and now I feel like my life is different. There are still things I don’t remember however I try my best everyday and I work hard at home around my kids.

There is no cure for hydrocephalus and shunts are not the cure as they can break at anytime and malfunction at any time you can be fine one day then be dying the next I literally live my life on the edge because I never know if I’ll be alive the next day or not.

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