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I really wanted to do s blog about network marketing for a while now as I have personally been in the industry now for over 7 years. I only just started blogging 2 months ago and really started to enjoy it as it’s a great way to express yourself.

Now that we are in 2018 social media has pretty much taken over society in general well that’s what I think anyway. You will find network marketers in your newsfeeds trying to sell you something or advertise to work with them.

These days Network marketing is getting harder because this generation seem to think that every network marketing company is a scam when it’s absolutely not. All network marketing companies the legitimate ones that is have rules and regulations for distributors to follow. Unfortunately most don’t follow these rules and make certain companies look bad. For example if your selling a health product and they say it will cure disease or treat a condition there actually not allowed to say this. It’s people like that who make us look bad.

Iv been with a fair few network marketing companies over the years some I liked some I did not as some I found that there requirements to stay active were absolutely ridiculous if you don’t have customers or downlines your not going to get far as you need both to advance up into the compensation plan.

There are millionaires in network marketing because they were usually the first ones to jump into the business when it was new so they had a better chance of getting recruits and customers before anyone else. If you don’t have family or friends who will support you then it’s going to be extremely hard to be in network marketing as you can progress without these things.

Unfortunately for me I’m not a millionaire all though being in network marketing for so long only because I don’t stay with a company I don’t like or they change there requirements or people just are not interested. I believe yes you can make it in network marketing but it all comes down to who you know and if those people will support you or not.

I have a disability so I don’t drive I don’t door knock and I don’t socialise so this makes it also harder for me in Network marketing. Iv had friends join then the next month there become high status for there business because of there family and friends and because they get out there.

I think people need to research network marketing a little better before labeling all of us as scammers. I’m very open about what I do how it works and I do my best to prove that. People need to understand better to make our job easier.

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