My herbalife story


First off I started herbalife in 2010 I joined as a distributor so I could get discounts on the products at this time I actually didn’t know much about network marketing and I was not intending to sell the products. I was always a small girl I’m short only 5 foot and my body gram has always been very small like size 6 to 8 and I was like this pretty much up until I had my second child Joshua. I never gained any weight after I had Lucas and the day I gave birth I could fit into my size 8 jeans without problems. When I had Joshua I thought the weight would go down after birth like Lucas but unfortunately I couldn’t fit into my jeans. This for me was a big deal as I have never in my life once been over weight or classed as big or fat. It was here where I knew I was going to have to do something about my weight because for one I just had my second child and the weight wouldn’t drop off. I looked into weight loss products and cane across herbalife somehow anyway I joined as a distributor for extra discounts only ever used the meal replacement shakes and I was having 3 shakes a day no food it was extremely hard the first 2 weeks I felt soooo hungry but I some how pushed through that hunger and looked forward to my shake. It was around the 2 or 3 week mark where my body was already used to having shakes that I could only have half a shake because a full shake would fil me up. I had no food or snacks in between but I did 30mins on the treadmill every single night. At this time I had weight to lose but not a large amount maybe only about 10kg that was it I was losing about 2 kegs a week from simply doing just all that. Herbalife saves my weight problem for sure but also my hunger issues too. It’s now been nearly 5 years since I actually stuck to the herbalife program but now 2018 iv put on more weight since Hayley my last child plus being on anti depressants that a side affect is weight gain plus thyroid issues that iv never had plus more on going medical issues. My anxiety depression definitely has got to me over the past 2 years from sudden deaths in the family to my brain surgery and other things. I developed a eating disorder by binge eating caused by my depression and now I’m slowly recovering from that and I no longer do this I also stopped my coke and Pepsi addiction which I had for several years and it vanished after surgery. I’m on a lot of pain killers now but I’m at that stage now where I’m ready to lose weight again I already lost weight since surgery and now that 6 kts dropped off it’s stuck so I’ll be starting my herbalife journey again unfortunately I have a lot more weight to lose this but iv stopped drinking Sosa on a regular basis started drinking tea just normal not green or anything and I think it will help herbalife helped me last time so I’ll be doing it again. Below

are photos from when I first started the herbalife program.

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