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My name is Luciana but most can’t pronounce it so I get called Lucy. I am Italian/Australian Buy was brought up the Italian way. I am 32 years old turning 33 this year yeah people think I’m 21 for some reason lol…I have 3 kids who are 3/10/12, the youngest is a girl and the other two are boys. I don’t have a job in the outside world meaning I don’t work out of home because I have a disability. I was born with Hydrocephalus which simply means water on the brain this requires me to have a tube in my head that goes to my stomach called a shunt. I have had it my entire life and my first brain surgery was at just 6 weeks old. I lived a semi normal life but found some difficultly with the learning aspect of things and still passed school and passed year 11 in high school. I have for some reason always been a over ambitious person where I feel I must complete something even if it’s hard and can’t do it I do my best to make it work. Over the years I went through a lot with domestic violence and other bad things this caused me to have diagnosed anxiety,depression,ptsd,borderline personality disorder. My life is literally a daily struggle and I find it hard to communicate with people and I’m hopeless Ar talking to people and making new friends. I heavily relie on my social media accounts for work and for making social media friends. I have been in the network marketing industry for over 7 years been with many companies over the years almost all of them but the longest has been Herbalife. I managed to get director Status with dōTERRA just by simply using only social media and advertising and worked hard to get to that status and gained over 17 people in my team. I have over 20 people in my nuskin team also. I didn’t get that way by cold messaging people I didn’t get that way by tagging people or lying in my posts. I got this way through pure honesty even if I was knocked back a lot I still mamnged to get that far. Along side of network marketing I run my own personal website business that is mainly full time, I offer zippay that is a buy now pay later system here in Australia and is very popular. I selling clothing,jewellery,makeup etc on my business website. Most nights I go to bed at 3-30 or 4am because I’m constantly working on my website I did not hire anyone to do it I did it all completely myself. On January 29th my shunt malfunctioned for the first since I had it put in 1985 and I needed emergency brain surgery unfortunately I’m still recovering but extremely lucky to be alive as I went to hospital very late and was already dying when I got there. I am thankful I’m here today 2 Braun surgeries a mum and business owner. I have had people tease me put me down my entire life even just last year too from adults but I keep moving and I keep succeeding in what I do to show people it can be done no matter how sick you are. I’m a living medical journal but I don’t let that stop me from trying to me successful in life. I’m determined and I’m a good person with. A good kind heart and I wouldn’t even hurt a fly. I want to prove to people that network marketing or your own business is very possible if you research and are dedicated and motivated. Thanks for reading my story I hope I have inspired some of you and that you now know me a bit better.

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