Sell Jewellery from home


💍Your commission, of up to 50% with no quotas, is paid out weekly.

💍Your hours based around your life, with unlimited growth possibilities!

💍FABULOUS INCENTIVES Cash Bonuses, recognition, dream vacations, free jewelry and more are just the start!


Each MCP member can earn a monthly bonus of up to $700.

💍All personal commissions, 30% up to 50%, are guaranteed to be paid-out weekly with no quotas to keep your position! There’s never been a better time to start the career you’ve been dreaming of than right now with Park Lane Jewelry.

💍Park Lane offers multiple kit options to meet any budget. Each kit contains a variety of on-trend jewellery samples and materials chosen with your immediate success in mind.

✔️KIT 1- STANDARD- $219

$1000 Value

$1,000 worth of jewellery and supplies for only $219.00!

Most Popular!


$1000 Value

$1,000 worth of jewellery and supplies with a downpayment of $43.00!

*After paying the downpayment of only $43.00, commission will be withheld on the first $600 net sales to pay for the balance of the Standard Kit.


$2800 Value

When you purchase a Presidential Kit, you’ll earn commission on your very first sales submitted.

PLUS, the purchase price will count as sales volume for contests!

Join me at parklane for all these great benefits plus so much more-


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