My creepy ghost story

I was not going to write this because it’s quit long and most people there days don’t really believe in ghosts and the paranormal. I have always beloved in the paranormal since I was a young age I don’t know why but I was always into those whitchcraft shows and movies. I always felt like I could sence something all though could never see anything sort of like a empanth or a sensitive. I’m the type of person who say her there’s a ghost next to you this is there name and all that it’s completely different. As I got older I started getting my recorder out trying to record voices and seeing what would come through and I would always get some sort of voice Even if what they said was not relevant to what I asked I know there voices where like they where right next to me very loud very clear at all times. They maninly came from my garage don’t know why but that’s where they would all hang out there is no previous bad history at the house because I looked. Anyway as I got much older meaning like 5 years ago I’m now 32 I wanted a baby a third child desperately I don’t know why but it was a sence of desperation I wanted it then and there and if I doesn’t get pregnant I was completely fustrated and the partner at that time didn’t want kids we eventually broke up. I was always having dreams about a little girl I could never see her face but it was always the same girl in every dream we where always at different places but every dream she was my daughter and in every dream she told me she loved me. I knew something was up I just didn’t know what or why and I knew this is why my body was feeling a desperation for a baby. Some things we can’t explain and this was one of them. I left my recorder next to my bed over night because I was curious to see if I said anything during these dreams but when I checked there was a extemly clear vivid child’s voice of a girl saying hello I was like what the are you serious I couldn’t believe it was like my child got up and said hello into the microphone that’s how real it was. From there I ha feeling there was a little girl constantly around me I went on a ghost tour one night and 2 psychics told me a little girl was around me waiting to be born. I knew the partner I had then it was not going to happen so oddly enough we broke up not long after more people picked up this girl around me. I moved on pretty quick to another guy who I feel for pretty quick sure enough I feel pregnant within my first 2 months with him but our bond was some how strong. I was in hospital one night and he went out for a smoke while I waited in the bed I had that sudden urge to wanna try for a baby right there and then at the hospital crazy right? I had no idea wtf was going but it had to be done I told me partner these weird urges and he for some reason got that same out Burst of a urge to try for a baby that night so we did in hospital yep that’s right. Weirdly enough wen we finished the lights flickered? Like something just happened moving on a month later I was pregnant from that night just that one try and I was pregnant I was so happy and I knew straight away just a feeling that I was pregnant and that I was pregnant with a girl moving on to week 19 I found out it was most definitely a girl when I found out all my dreams about that girl completely stopped all together all the activity that happened stopped too. I gave birth shes now 3 I still think to this day she was that girl in my dream and she was the girl waiting to be born it’s something I’ll never forget I don’t expect anyone to believe me but it’s my story and what I went through personally. I do believe things like this can happen I believe she was sent to me for a reason she’s most certainly very careing for a 3 year old too and you can tell she’s got a old soul she absolutely loves olden day cartoons like Donald Duck and wizard of oz over the newest cartoons she rather watch the old stuff. What are your thoughts on this?

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