Ghost story from Australia

I have a few stories to tell it’s absolutely your choice to believe or not but my stories are so true that’s most don’t believe. I used to do ghost hunting a lot and I became pretty obsessed with it to be honest. My house i lived in since 1992 then I moved out in 2014 anyway my ex and I used to drive Around randomly to places we one day came across a local old 1800s cemetery not many graves there but was a few…known to be called the old Germantown in Thomastown vic. I never psychically got out of my car to go into the cemetery that night. I took some photos with my phone that’s all I had no camera no iPad just a phone…I felt nothing I didn’t see anything I went through the pictures when I got home and got this one below…..what makes this photo creepy is you see me and my ex like someone’s taking the photo of us? Nobody else was there where where parked on the side of the road we don’t know how this photo gene happened you can see me in the passengers seat and there’s a shadow guy wearing a suit and top hat….plain as day right next to me….I looked up at the library about this old town and this outfit matches what they wore in the 1800s….That night I was creeped out obviously I went to sleep like usual and I got woken up by someone whispering in my ear I thought it was my partner I turned around to find he was asleep my heart was beating out of my chest literally….my cats eyes where even massive I the looked to the side of me and saw this guy reflection of the same suited guy in the pic he had a scary face and looked evil he was giving me a evil laugh and dispared I clearly had trouble sleeping after that..

Eventually I had fallen back to sleep I had a dream that night of that guy again can u believe it…he was shaking our car full on saying why did you come why did you come don’t come back again I’ll never forgot those words he was very upset and angry I woke up and I never went to that place again lesson learnt for not going there again he followed me home and traumatised me for 24 hours ✡️ photo was about 2012 roughly

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  1. Fascinating post!

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