Haunting of a reborn child

Unfortunately I don’t have a picture for this story so it’s something you would need to believe for yourself as this might sound a tad crazy. Back years ago roughly about 2012 I started having nightly dreams about a little girl I did not know who she was I did not have a girl at that time every dream was that same girl and I was her mom in every dream. I remember she always used to tell me she loved me weather it was at the end of the dream or in the middle of the dream it was literally doing my head in trying to work out what was going on since I’m a sensitive this really affected me to the point I actually very desperate to have a baby and I didn’t have the urge to want one before these dreams started to happen . I went to see a psychic once and I told her absolutely nothing about my dreams or this little girl and during the meditation session she said there was a little girl around me ? I then went on a ghost tour one night and this medium also told me there was a little girl who follows me everywhere that’s waiting to be born I was like what? I’m not pregnant and my partner at that time 100% definitely did not want a baby so I didn’t know what to believe I tried to communicate with this spirit via evp on voice recorder I did get a scream of a little girl which I did capture numerous times and I put it on my YouTube channel. I once left my record on over night next to me to see what I could pick up to my surprise and shock a vey clear voice of a little said hello it was so plain as if a child literally walked up to my phone and said hello it was so clear I’ll never forget it. As months went on that partner left but the urge to want a baby continued about 6 months later I meet my current partner I was in hospital and the urge was so over powering to want a baby that night was ridiculous he went out for a smoke and said he felt a weird urge to have a child to… we both agreed we wanted this and we tried for a baby strange thing is after wards the lights where flickering in the hospital like some sort of miracle happened 4 weeks later I found out I was pregnant 🤰 and well you guessed it MY DREAMS ALL STOPPED COMPLETELY out of no where from very early stages I knew it was a girl and my ultrasound confirmed that 18 weeks I couldn’t believe it. I do believe that my little girl I have today was in fact that girl who Held on to me all those years to wait to be born. She’s only 3 now doesn’t really speak but some things she does and says makes me definitely believe she was a very old soul. Iv read stories like this before and I know I’m not the only one this happened to… be more aware of your dreams and surrounding because they could be telling you something.

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