The corpse in the carpet

Urban legend that turns out to be true: The corpse in the carpet

The Legend:

You can find this tale of ill-advised interior decorating on webpages across the net lumped in with old classics like “The call is coming from inside the house!” According to the story, somebody finds a beautiful old rug in an alley, takes it home and finds something horrifying wrapped inside like a Taco Bell burrito lol (what some call “the Taco Bell burrito scenario”). Variations of this one include bodies being found in discarded refrigerators or wardrobes, but the message remains the same; don’t do your home decor shopping anyplace that smells of urine or sewerage.

The Truth:

In 1984, three Columbia University students found a rolled-up carpet on the sidewalk and decided to drag it back home (assume they were mainly looking for something to absorb beer n vomit and Dorito crumbs, rather than accessorize their milk crate furniture).

Once they got the carpet back to their dorm they unrolled it and found the rotting corpse of an unidentified man with two bullet holes in his skull. Yes, three students from a 50 thousand dollar-a-year college carried a carpet all the way home without noticing it contained a 200-pound stinking mass of decomposing flesh. Lol ewww the smell alone 😨😱

1 thought on “The corpse in the carpet

  1. Now that is terrifying! To be honest, I’ve always been afraid to buy used things because of one irrational fear: ghost attachment. lol

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