Ringwood Manor New Jersey

Ringwood Manor New Jersey

Located on Sloatsburg Road in Ringwood, New Jersey is the Haunted Ringwood Manor. This amazing Victorian mansion sits quietly among the trees, nestled in an area that is known for exquisite landscapes and designs, but is anything but quiet. Originally constructed in the year of 1740 by a family with the name “Ogden”, this large and beautiful structure has been rumored to contain unexplained phenomenon, supernatural occurrences, and ghosts.

The Activity

One of the Gosts haunting here is that of the man who was known in his time as Jackson White. In the early years of the 1900’s, this individual worked as a servant for the family that resided in the manor. While an apparition has appeared only a couple of times of what is believed to be this gentleman, his strong, steady footsteps are heard by a number of individuals on a regular basis. It is believed that this spirit still walks in the home, watching over it, and ensuring that all is well and in perfect order.

There is a small pond that was created in honor of a former resident named “Sally”. It is believed that Sally still haunts the home, but in a residual type haunting. This means that she is basically a recording of energy from the past. She has been located in what appears to be the room of music in the home. She is always seen sitting by a beautiful harpsichord. This appears as a full body apparition. Many individuals who have experienced this spirit also say that there seems to be a floral fragrance in air. They believe that it is either flowers that she enjoyed picking, or a perfume that she wore.

There is a grave on the property of this house that is unmarked, but historical documentation concludes that it contains the bodies of Frenchmen who fought during the time of the Revolutionary War. It is believed that, at night, when the lights are out and the moon hangs brightly over the manor, that these lost soldiers walk around the pond at the manor, and gaze over the shore in search of their homes, their loved ones, and with hope that they may someday return to the place that they miss the most.

There are a number of stories surrounding the hauntings of the Ringwood Manor . These are some of the most common experiences that visitors to the Manor in Ringwood, have experienced. Today, this large mansion serves as a museum and is open to visitors.

An old Story about the Ringwood Manor

Ghosts of Ringwood Manor

Ringwood Manor you say? A lovely old house. But no place, my child, to go on a dark night with no moon. Built in the 1700’s, the original house was a collection of smaller buildings patched together to create a Manor.

Ringwood Manor was the home of General Erskine, who ran the Iron Works. General Erskine was a Geographer and Surveyor-General for General George Washington during the Revolutionary War. What does that mean? It means, dear, that he made maps. General Erskine died of pneumonia during the war and was buried at the Manor.

Ringwood Manor overlooks a small pond. It is surrounded by truly lovely grounds, which are perfect for a ramble – in the daytime.

But at night…

Well, love, it is at night that the ghost’s walk.

Where? My, you are a curious child! Well, there are three different places that are said to be haunted. If you wander the halls of the Manor House at night, you might meet the ghost of a housemaid who haunts a small bedroom on the second floor. They say she was beaten to death in this room. Whether there is any truth to it, I don’t know. But my friends tell me they have heard noises coming from the empty room – footsteps, sounds of heavy objects dropping, soft crying. And they keep finding the bedroom door ajar and the bed rumpled.

The other ghosts? Well, back behind the Manor pond is the grave where General Erskine is buried. The local people are afraid to come to this place because at dusk General Erskine can be seen sitting on his grave gazing across the pond.

And it is said there is an unmarked grave filled with the remains of French soldiers who fought with Rochambeau during the Revolutionary War. During the day, all you can see is a depression in the grass near the General’s grave. But after dark, the dead come to the Manor pond to walk along the shore. Sometimes, you can hear soft, sad voices speaking in French.

So go ahead and visit Ringwood Manor. Ramble its lovely grounds and explore all you want. Just be sure to be home before dark cause that is their time.💀💀

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