A Childhood Haunt

A Childhood Haunt:

A Childhood Haunt is a supposedly true story about a young girl who has a haunted experience.

When i was a young girl , My sister and I shared a room and we had bunk beds. I slept on the top bunk and she slept on the bottom. One night, when I crawled into my bed and lay down, I felt something tickling my neck. I reached up and felt long stringy hairs. My pillow was covered in them. They were long and white. I was horrified because nobody in our family has long white hair. The next morning, In a panic, I threw them away, I didn’t tell anyone about it.

The next night, when I was lying in bed, I felt something sticking into my back. At first, I thought it was just the bedsprings, but when I pulled back the covers to take a look, I saw that there was an old rusty pair of glasses. In the morning, I asked my parents and my sister if one of them was playing a prank on me. When they all said no, I began to get really worried.

On the third night, I didn’t find anything, so I’m was terribly relieved. But in the morning, when I was making my bed, I came across a pair of yellowed dentures… and they were still wet! I was so creeped out, I threw them out the window.

The next night, when I was just about to fall asleep, I felt something very cold brush against my cheek. I opened my eyes and got the fright of my life. There was an old woman leaning over me. Her eyes were bloodshot and bulging out of her skull. Her face was wrinkled and pale and her head was completely bald. She wanted to know what I had done with her things. In a quavering voice, I told her I threw them away. The woman turned and walked away. At the door, she stopped and stared at me. In a raspy voice, she whispered: “I want them back” then walked right threw the door….was scared out of my mind. I continued to see her all through my childhood until we moved out of that house when i was 15. Then never saw her again thankfully.

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