The Screaming House

The Screaming House

This house in Union Missouri was built in 1932, is rumored to be haunted by By Captain James T, Crowe who owned the land at one time. Several other ghosts haunt this place as well. Many people who have lived here have left and never came back. Not a place for the faint of heart.

On May 18, 2001, Steven LaChance and his three children move from a cramped apartment into a roomy old house in Union, Missouri. Initially, he’s not concerned by his kids’ claims of ghosts stalking the halls and opening closet doors; he just assumes they’re reacting to stress from the recent break-up of his marriage. Soon enough, Steven is fearing for his children’s’ safety and one night they all flee the house in terror. After a new family moves in, the supernatural activities go from frightening to dangerous. The Screaming House is now considered one of the most haunted homes in America. Its status has reached the levels of the Amityville and other houses of this nature.I

The haunting in Union Missouri is said to be one of the most violent in recent times. The Roman Catholic Church in a 156 page report stated that the haunting was a classic case of demonic infestation, oppression, obsession, and possession. Many who have come in contact with the home have become attached. Families before and after the LaChance family who have lived in the home have come forward to describe the horror of what it was like to live within those walls. The astonishing history of the property and those who tragically met their ends is something that a small town like Union Missouri would like to keep a secret. In fact, until 2001 the town kept the Screaming House its dirty little secret. A secret which is not longer able to be kept.

Note: This house has been featured on the TV show A Haunting.

One of the spirits is thought to be Captain John T. Crowe as I acknowledged up above. I am not sure if why his his spirit is evil though. He may not like people intruding on his “property.” One of the events Steven LaChance describes is when him and his family left, they could hear a man screaming behind them. It was loud enough for the dogs across the street to start barking. As the family got into their car and began to drive away they could still hear the screaming and a terrible booming noise throughout the house. Through the windows they could see a smoky black mass moving from room to room as though searching for them. That was the last night they would live in the house. Steven returned on a few occasions, but never alone, and the children were never again brought to the house.

There appears to be many spirits there, so the evil spirit may not be Crowe’s. One that everyone complained of a shared dream wherein they saw a man in the basement feverishly washing blood off of his body in the butcher shower that was down there. Who was this man? It definitely wasn’t Captain Crowe. There are reports that several men may have died on the property years ago. If true, this would account for some of the hauntings.

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