The Truth about network marketing

The Truth about network marketing

Today at 12:19 am

First off I wanted to first say I have personally been in network marketing for over 10 years I have personal experience with various companies and this is all solely based on my experience and what I found out during the time I was doing all of this. I understand a lot of people out there are not fans of network marketing that’s fine. I started network marketing with Herbalife which is obviously very well known but when I started I didn’t join to sell the products I actually wanted to use it for personal use to lose some weight. Nobody forced me to do anything and I did everything on my own without any problems. Herbalife shakes did work for me at that time I lost about 15kg but I did exercise everyday and I drank 3 shakes a day no food for a good couple of months. I moved in to try sell Herbalife I set up a Facebook page a website advertised locally etc posed in photos with my shakes but I no where And I worked really hard like a full Time Job. I was disappointed at first wondering why everyone else who did Herbalife was having a fabulous life with all this money and a down line when I was doing everything the same. I ranked up because I was buying stock for myself they use points to rank up and you need a certain amount to reach. I renewed my membership each year just to keep active so I could buy the shakes at discount rate. What I didn’t know at the time is that if I wanted to make any money at all I would have to gain a downline of people. I tried so hard to recruit people mind you I have been with Herbalife for the entire 10 years since writing this and I still don’t have one I guess that says a lot. Herbalife changed there rules a lot over the years how you can and can’t advertise and now it’s extremely restricted and 100x harder to recruit anyone on top of that they increased there product price the most major complaint I get is that it’s to expensive. This is the main reason why people won’t buy Herbalife is because of the price I am currently supervisor status and get 50% off each product so I’m not paying retail price. Herbalife also have a policy where we can’t share prices publicly and need to personally log into a website just to view prices I’m not sure why they have this but it makes it so much more harder to get people interested. What I’m trying to say is when you see these top leaders like the very top which is average usually like 5 people who ever make it to the vertop of the plan these people would of got into Herbalife first and people joined under them then people joined under those etc so they basically wouldn’t have to recruit after that. If you got into a network marketing company now that is old using Herbalife as a example it’s extremely unlikely you will make it to the top regardless of what people say to you. Don’t believe there tricks don’t believe there antics and fake stories. All though I am in network marketing I have never lied to anyone I have come across because I rather be honest to someone it might push someone away but that does not bother me because then I know I can sleep at night knowing I didn’t lie to that poor person who is genuinely interested. Most people get told they can make thousands a week some get told they will become millionaires over night. I’m sorry but it does not happen like that the thing with network is that you need a down line no matter what eventually you are going to need to recruit people to get a decent income. There is usually a catch though when having a downline you might have a very long downline of people but none would be active even if you have 100 on your list and nobody is ordering you will be making absolutely no income because nobody is ordering. If you ever do want to be in the network marketing business your going to have to work extremely hard just to get those people under you to comit to ordering regularly and on top of that get them to grow a team a team too because you will also get income from that.This is for basically every network marketing company out there they all work the same way but there plans are all different to make it look like it’s extremely esasy to become a millionaire or get a car etc.

I started working with Doterra Essential Oils I though pt why not since everyone was very interested at that time when it was still new I advertised like crazy I gained a downline of 19 people plus those people got a few under them I could believe it I was recruiting 5 people a day until it eventually slowed down. With Doterra you personally need to make a regular order each month to qualify for commission the highest status I ever reached was director I gained a certificate in the mail now all though I was spending $200 a month on oils I didn’t even need it was just so I could get paid from my downline I thought I would be rolling in the money like I seen from other distributors who had literally thousands of people under them I thought I wouldn’t be far off. I worked my butt off so hard with Doterra because I was keen to get there like everyone else. Eventually after only 5 months the hype died down people stopped ordering and I went back down to consultant status. Unfortunately your status goes back every month and you neeed to reach the same level all over again ridiculous right? You would think I would be earning at least $100 from all my hard work well nope I was Mega pissed when I found out my first pay check was a lousy $0.20 oh but wait the following month is was a lousy $1 I wish I could say I was jokeing but I’m not all that hard work dedication recruitment and active distributors and I got a lousy $1 this out me off Doterra soo soo soo much…..director status with a team over of over 19 people and to only get that ? No just no…..I have been with lots of companies in my life but Doterra put me off network marketing because of there taticts.Everyone’s different some people ave more Money then others so they can order more stock some have more friends so they can recruit faster but don’t be fooled and sucked in by the earning millions because it won’t happen ever I’m not trying to be a downer but it’s the truth people need to learn in this business. I get trashed talked for it all the time because I’m to real and people don’t like it because it stops there sale or whatever it does not bother me but it bothers me to lie to someone I rather someone join me knowing I was honest to know and they understand they won’t become a millionaire over night or a month or even a year. Please be mindeful when joining any mlm.

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