I have lung disease

In my last post I stated I might be jinxed because I have so much bad luck in my life well behold I just found out I have stage 2 lung disease… I wish it was not true I found out at the end of February after I was told to do a test as they thought I might have had asthma I was wheezing for months and I have never once in my 34 years ever had asthma so I thought that it was odd that I would have this now. I was told to do a lung function test and it was actually pretty hard for me to do and it made me so tired I slept the majority of the day after that. The only signs I was having was bad wheezing and being out of breath do really easy tasks and of course it was very concerning. I got my results and joined a whole bunch of supports on Facebook to find out more about what I had. I was actually surprised I was already stage 2 so I’m not really sure how long I have had lung disease already. There are 2 types obstructive and restrictive mine is restricted lung disease. All I know is there are 4 stages and I’m stage 2 but since I have had the test done I feel a lot worse and scared it might have progressed a bit more since being diagnosed. This is what gets me the most usually people who are smokers get lung disease and I have never ever been a smoker so for me to find this out shocks me and it honestly still has not sunk in yet. I can tell you I’m very scared I’m more anxious I have trouble sleeping even more and I have no words on how I feel about it all. I’m only 34 and all though I have never been healthy because of other health problems through my life I still wonder why me how in earth did I get this unfortunately I have the Rare type of lung disease called ILD meaning there is more then one possibly of the cause but won’t be able to know the actual cause. I’m thinking of probably blogging a lot more now since I now have a lot more emotions and thoughts about all of this and prehaps people can follow my journey through it all and help me get through it. I definitely have no comfort but I want to find some sort of comfort on all of this. Please feel free to follow my blog and comment if you have any questions or concerns I can blog about next thanks for hearing my little rant that I’m very upset about and still coming to terms with all this

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  1. ILD can have many causes including genetic and auto immune. But with proper care, medication under guidance, you can lead a normal life. If possible, enroll yourself to a meditation, yoga class. Your anxiety and stress level will be reduced. Breathing exercises also helps in lowering stress and improve your lung functions.
    Anyway, thank you so much for sharing.
    Sharing makes you feel better and reduce your emotional baggage. Take care.
    Blessings and much love from me ❤️

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