About Me

My name is Luciana or you can call me Lucy I sometimes go by the name Amanda just due to that being my favourite name.

I’m a mum from from Melbourne Australia I have 3 wonderful kids who are 3,11,12 I work completely from home for a few reasons.

I have a long term disability that does not able me to work out in the force outside of home so of course this can be challenging when your cooped up in the house all day long. I really got bored easy so I thought of things I could possibly do so I started getting into network marketing to make my life a little easier.

I have now been in network marketing for over 7 years I started off at herbalife first and kept a active account for over 5 years. I always had a big passion for essential oils from when I was teenager way before I even knew what Network marketing actually was so I thought to look into something I can do with that. I then came across young living I was stunned there was actual job I could do from home selling essential oils from dream job.

I have had 2 major brain surgeries in my life and I’m thankful I’m alive and trying to live life while I can. If I can do this you can too.


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