My Brain surgery story

You might have seen my title and thought omg that’s the first thing people usually say to me. I don’t have cancer I don’t have a tumour unfortunately for me brain surgery is common because I have something called hydrocephalus which means water on the brain. You might remember seeing those baby with big heads… Read More My Brain surgery story

Young Living Oils

Come & join me at Young a Living for just $59 Join direct here- WHOLESALE MEMBER BENEFITS • Enjoy 24 percent off retail pricing on your favourite products. • Participate in the compensation plan and earn commissions just by sharing Young Living. • Qualify for exclusive Young Living member events around the world. •… Read More Young Living Oils

My longest relationship of 7 years.

Most people will start to question why I would even write about this first off it’s because I never got to speak anyone professionally or even a friend about it and how I felt it’s been 4 years but it’s still fresh in my memory and my dreams been haunt me with things that are… Read More My longest relationship of 7 years.

Colonoscopy & Gastroscopy Experience

On Monday the 11th of December 2017 I went into to get my first colonoscopy and gastroscopy I was so scared for weeks prior to this day. I have always had bad stomach issues almost everything I eat I get a reaction to meaning my stomach will cramp up and cause me to go to… Read More Colonoscopy & Gastroscopy Experience