DIY essential oil bath jellies

Splish, splash, slide into the bath! These fun and adorable bath jellies make shower or bath time a party full of whimsical wiggles, fabulous fragrances, and playful pigments—and it’s easy to make them yourself with ingredients you may already have around the house. Add a dash of body glitter for an even lovelier lather. Let’s… Read More DIY essential oil bath jellies

DIY makeup brush cleaner

DIY makeup brush cleaner Your expert contour and glowing cheekbones are thanks to top-quality makeup, dozens of YouTube tutorials, and beautiful makeup brushes. But did you know that your brushes can become a breeding ground for bacteria? Take a deep breath and brush off that bacteria stress, because we’re here to teach you how to… Read More DIY makeup brush cleaner

Protection Against evil spirits

Protection against evil Spirits: Salt Salt can be used to protect against malicious spirits. If you make a circle of salt around yourself, supposedly nothing can harm you. If you make an unbroken line of salt across doorways and windowsills, its said that evil spirits can’t cross it. From a sprinkle of salt over the… Read More Protection Against evil spirits

Creepy Numbers

Creepy numbers Creepy Numbers are supposed spooky and mysterious phone numbers to call. These numbers are supposedly cursed and have urban legends associated with them. I’m sure they are all just legends and myths but still fun to read and think about. 666-666-6666 or 1-666-666-6666 For years, people all over the world have been supposedly… Read More Creepy Numbers

Young Living Essential Oils

🌿YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS🌿 Join here- ✔️Joining Kits start at $69 ✔️As a Wholesale member of Young Living, you’re not expected to sell anything at all. Being a Wholesale Member only means that you’re purchasing the oils at a 24% discounted rate. ✔️When you consider becoming a Young Living Wholesale member, understand that there… Read More Young Living Essential Oils